Advanced Electronics and Repair

A new world in automotive diagnostics and repair

What We Offer In This Course

The technicians are trained on various advanced level electrical challenges to meet the demand for the most advanced systems.

Who Is The Course For and How You Can Get Started Now

These courses are for anyone who is willing to accept the challenge and hard work of becoming the best in their field.

What We Do

Automotive Repairs and Diagnostics have become extremely complex today, it takes highly skilled instructors to deliver “live” and “online” instruction effectively today. Automotive Training Solutions provides a means for the shop to receive “just in time” training as well as diagnostic assistance. We offer a highly effective product for Automotive Repair Shops who have all been listed as essential services in the state of Illinois. We provide expertise in the following areas of repair:


Auto Maintenance Services​

We design a customized maintenance plan for each customer, the manufacturer’s maintenance plan is strictly followed along with recommended enhancements designed into it. This helps maintain the value of the customers product.


Brake Repair Pads & Rotors​

Our trained technicians will provide an exceptional repair using quality brake parts. All vehicles are test driven after repairs are completed to ensure the vehicle brake system is operating as designed.


Shocks, Struts Replacement​

Our students learn the latest in advanced suspension and ride technology. The advanced electrical concepts make todays suspension systems much more that just a mechanical and or hydraulic system.


System Diagnosis & Repair​​

We take pride in our diagnostic approach to servicing our customers in terms of emission and drive ability related repairs. This area offers our students the greatest challenges in the field of automotive electrical and diagnostic repair.


Air Conditioning Services​​

The modern-day automotive AC system has evolved well beyond what anyone would have expected, our students receive detailed AC training and certification in this area of expertise.


Tires & Wheel Balancing​​

Tires and Wheel Balancing has truly become an art in the study of vibration analysis. We provide an introduction to advanced equipment in this area of study